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Free Summer Movies in NYC: A Complete Calendar – Updated for 2013

Update: While the links below still work, there is a new free summer movie post for the summer of 2013!

One of my favorite things about being in NYC over the summer is the plethora of free movies that are screened in parks, on old warehouse rooftops, and on decommissioned aircraft carriers.  I’ve often wished that I could have a simple calendar of all the free movie screenings in NYC in an easy access format.  I wanted it to be integrated into my regular calendar app on my phone, iPad, or laptop so I could easily schedule and make plans with friends.

Below is a fairly comprehensive calendar of all the free movie screenings happening over the summer of 2012 2013 in NYC.  The calendar is a work-in-progress and I will be updating it as more screenings are announced.

You can either view the calendar on this website or subscribe to the calendar in iCal or Google (recommended) so you can access it more easily.

Please feel free to share and spread the word!  I hope you all enjoy!

Update! I’ve started adding movies for the 2013 summer. Once a few more festivals announce their lineup, I’ll add a brand new post.

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  • SSmithNY

    Love to see someone else is as obsessive about this as I. I’ve just posted my list of Summer
    Movies 2012 ( I think I may have a some that you don’t…or possibly it appears that way because there are multiple movies on the same night. Whatever, feel free to add to your mix!

    • E. James Ford

      @twitter-18056331:disqus  Hehehe… Amazing what sort of obsessions a little bit of free time can bring to the surface.  🙂
      Your list is great!  And you definitely have a few that I don’t.  If its cool with you, I’m totally going to go through and pilfer them for my calendar.  Brava!

    • E. James Ford

      Boom!  All added!  Thanks again!

  • Guest1

    Wow.  Good work.  The movies are the toughest part of NYC’s summer, because they’re everywhere.

    Now if you just want to toss in the free concerts (mostly in Central Park, Prospect Park, or connected to the morning TV show for NBC/CBS), Broadway in the Park (Bryant), Opera in the Park (all 5 boroughs, just once each during the summer), and the dash of comedy shows and Shakespeare, you’ll have the entire city covered.

    • E. James Ford

      Except that by the time I finish the calendar of *every* free event, the summer will be over.  🙂

      Thanks for the kudos, Guest1!  Appreciate the comment.

  • Lauren C

    Perfect! I’ve added this to my Google calendar… hopefully I can catch some free screenings when I’m not swamped with work!  Thanks a lot! 🙂

    • E. James Ford

      Good luck and take some time off!  Summer’s in NYC are meant to be enjoyed!

  • Isleshocky77
    • E. James Ford

      Hi, Islehocky77!  I’m keeping this particular calendar focused on only movie screenings, just so it stays relevant to people’s interests.  As near as I can tell, Lincoln Center isn’t really doing much with film this year, but their festival is ALWAYS worth checking out.  I highly recommend it, along with Celebrate Brooklyn and Central Park Summerstage.  You can stay entertained for free in NYC all summer long!  For example, next week Jimmy Cliff is playing for free in Prospect Park.  Unfortunately, I’m travelling so I’m going to miss it, but there are tons of other great happenings worth checking out.

  • ilYa

    this is the best thing i’ve ever seen..

    • E. James Ford

      Then you should definitely go check out E.T. on July 4th weekend.  It is way better than my little old calendar.  😉

      Thanks for the comment and glad you like it!  I’m about to add the Red Hook Flicks screenings now.

  • Jenna Jackson

    Thank you. 

  • dave “paco” abraham

    Thank you for this creation. You sir are a god amongst men. 

    • E. James Ford

      I’m glad you like it and thanks for the comment!  Now, bring forth your sacrifice of 12 virgin goats.  (That’s right… I’m THAT kind of god).

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    You are still missing quite a few. Feel free to pilfer from my list at:

    Otherwise, this is a great resource and the calendar form is something I may consider for next year.
    Keep up the good work!


  • lazysister

    Freakinpayin awesome – thank you!

  • Caleb Ferguson

    Mr. Ford, could you please do this again for this summer?